1 - What is Cowoxi?

Cowoxi is created "COnstruction WOrker" word’s shortening. X describes the global world and i letter is taken from “ingenious”word.


2 - What is the purpose of the game?

Cowoxi is a game platform that you can earn cryptocurrency by playing free and online game. You can earn cryptocurrency by playing for free. There is no investment requirement in your withdrawal requests.


3 - How to play the game?

When you entered in the game first time, animate your character. The first revitalization is free. At the beginning of the game, 2000 points is given to every single player. Character’s health is 999 hours. As long as the character is fed, it produces bricks, aggregate and steel. By selling these products, you earn point.

Character’s Health: 999 Hours
Your Food Storage: 4 Hours/ 4 Food


4 - If my character is dead, what happens?

If your character is dead, your unevaluated points and unsold products are deleted. You can come back to game by re-animating your character. Your level, enhanced products, foods in the storage and definite earnings are not deleted. These are not affected anyway. 

Revive the character 500 Dogecoin


5 - How can I Produce Aggregate and Steel?

In order to produce aggregate, your food has to be 2. level. And in order to produce steel, you need a 3. level product. So, with a first level food, you can produce brick and with a second level food, you can produce both brick and Aggregate. And also with a third level food, you can produce both brick and Aggregate and also steel. 

You have to invest to buy Level 2 and Level 3 products. Only Lv 1 games are free.

6 - What are the Brick, Aggregate and Steel Earning Values?

By selling your produced products;
Current brick is multiplied with 100
Current Aggregate is multiplied with 150
Current Steel is multiplied with 200.


7 - When the Game is Reset?

In this game, characters are never reset by the system.


8 - What is the operating logic of the system?

System logic is to gain profit by feeding your character in specified time, converting the producted products to points and sending the earned points to system.


9 - How can I Obtain A Product?

When you started the game, with the 2000 points, that takes places on your account, you can feed your character. When you feed your character, it will produce some products for you according to giving products in a specified time period. However, you need to pay attention a matter that you should not forget to put some products to prevent your character to lose its health and dies. 

1. Level food produces Brick
2. Level food produces Brick + Aggregate
3. Level food produces Brick + Aggregate + Steel.


10 - How to Sell the Products and Convert to Point?

By clicking the “Sell the Products” button you can make the sell and can convert to point.


11 - How the Products, Earned Points and The Other Rates About Game are Shaped?

Click to view.


12 - How Can I Convert the Points to Dogecoin?

Collect points by feeding your character and selling your earned products. From the Send Point section, select the points package to select and submit. Your full automatic winnings will be added to your game account.

200.000 point is 100 Dogecoin.


13 - How can I get the Payment?


If your payment information is true and if you crossed the payment thresold, your payment will be paid to your account within 24-48 hours.

If you still could not get after 48 hours, we promise that we will send your payment as much as 100%.


14 - What is The Payment Thresold and How Much Dogecoin?

Payment Thresold is minimum 500 Dogecoin.


15 - How the Reference System Works?

If the members register with your reference link, you obtain 5% reference income from your lower members’product sales transactions. These references has “30 day” time.


16 - How much experience points is needed for levels?

In order to increase level in the game, you need to sell products and collect points. With your every single increased level, lock of the foods, that you can get high income with them, is opened. For now there is 20 levels in our game. 


17 - What is the Conversation Rules?

Conversation rules;

1. To talk about other web sites, to give information and to make advertising is forbidden.
2. Using slang expression, slapdash messagings, make fun of other members is forbidden.
3. Affronting other members with messages is forbidden.
4. Sharing personal information ( e-mail, social media account, mobile phone etc.) on messages is forbidden.
5. Doing personal dialogs is forbidden.
6. Disturbing members from obbesite sex is forbidden.
7. Sending successive messages is forbidden.
8. Using reporting feature unnecessarily is forbidden.


18 - What is Bazaar Place?

Bazaar Place is a feature that enables members to make sale each other.

Things to consider when make sale:

Sale price can be more 25-50% than product price. 
You can sell maximum 15 products in a sale.
You can not sale more than total 6 slot.
Daily product sales quota is 90 products.
You will pay 10% commission while getting product and making sale.
Your products on the Bazaar are not refundable. They waits in the Bazaar until he is sold.

Sample commission calculation:

Buying ans sales commission is 10%. You have specified the product price as 100 point while selling.
If your product is sold, you get 90 points and purchaser person pays 110 points for product.
For either side, 20% commission is cutted.


19 - What is Kitchen Feature?

Kitchen is a feature that players can produce cheap foods in here. Every single player has 1 unit kitchen at the beginning. In order to get extra kitchen, you can get private item from market. With every single private item, you can get a plus kitchen. You can get desired products, that available for you, from market as 50% cheaper.


20 - About Settings Page

When you click the settings icon above, you will enter the settings page. On this page you can change your account information, payment details, email and password.


21 - About the Cup Page

When you click the cup icon above, you will see 3 sections.
Ranking (Best 100 player)
Ban List (Banned members and banning reasons)
Pay List (The members that got payment and wait for payment)


22 - About Bonus Section

When you click the gift box icon above, you will enter the bonus page. By clicking the gift click button, you can earn Lv3 items once every 12 hours. Learn the task from the Bonus page.


23 - About Reference Page

When you click the reference icon above, you will enter the reference page. You can have 5% profit out of your friends' sales for 30 days by inviting them to the game.


24 - About Notification Page

When you click the notification icon above, you will enter the notification page. You can find the news and announcements published about the platform on this page.


25 - About Telegram

When you click the Telegram icon above, you will enter the Telegram page. This page includes direct communication with the Admin, participation in Dogecoin campaigns, surprise gifts and a lot of new information.


26 - If I do not play the game, will my membership be deleted?

Inactive accounts is cleaned every single month.


27 - What is your Specialty Products area?

You can get the following products using these fields.

Health: Provides 25% health support with just one use. This is about 250 hours. You can only buy it with 100 Dogecoin.
Food: The character's free feeding area is only 4. If you want to improve this area you can buy fields 5 and 6. Open a field only 500 Dogecoin.
Kitchen: Our free kitchen area is only 1. If you want to open a new kitchen area only 500 Dogecoin.


28 - About Payment List

We payment list is reset every single month. We publish only the current month’s list. 


29 - About The Multi Membership

On our web site, a member can not open multiple memberships. Detected memberships is banned.


30 - What are Wallet Addresses?